About Us

We are a ready-made clothing company that was established in Istanbul in 1998 and gives service by giving importance to ethical and business values in the sector in which it operates. Our first priority is to follow the innovations with our experience from the past and to meet the needs of the companies we cooperate with in line with these experiences.

Our company, which serves both as a wholesaler and a manufacturer in the textile sector, is also the manufacturer of many brands with its high-level product quality.

Our production site is located in Istanbul-Sultangazi and we have a wholesale store in Moscow. Our main product group mostly consists of trousers and shorts group. In the remaining part, there are products such as jackets, shirts and t-shirts.

Our company, with its experienced staff, designs the above products according to the needs of the brands served; It produces the ordered product in high quality by managing from the fabric selection to the sewing stage.

Our Services

In addition to the wholesale service, our company plays the role of a manufacturer for the needs of brands.

We produce many different textile products such as pants, shorts, jackets, shirts and t-shirts in line with brand needs.

We have a wide range of fabrics such as denim, linen, polyviscon, PFD.

We are able to produce in a wide range of sizes, both men and women.

We provide services in all processes such as fabric selection, sewing, model, pattern.